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Acc. - Top/cases I

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# Part name Price Qty Add
1 CM220301 Top box, embossed (A) £144.06
1 CM220302 Top box, grey (A, shot) £154.89
1 CM220306 Top box, grey (A, grey) £154.89
1 CM220307 Top box, blue (A, blu) £154.89
1 CM220308 Top box, black (A, moka) £154.89
2 852313 Seat cushion (A) £32.39
3 CM220401 Top box (A) £73.22
4 CM220810 Top box cover,grey (A, shot) £45.65
4 CM220811 Top box cover,grey (A, grey) £48.22
4 CM220812 Top box cover,blue (A, blu) £48.22
4 CM220813 Top box cover,black (A, moka) £48.22
5 852312 Seat cushion (A) £30.72